• What is Tee it up for the Troops (TIUFTT)?

    We are a non-profit charity organized under IRS regulations and approved as a 501(c)3 organization that supports veterans from all branches of service, as well as their families. We host various golf events, as well as, other fundraising activities throughout the United States of America. We encourage and actively support organizations, golf/country club managers, and club members in conducting fundraising events for Tee it up for the Troops, Inc.

  • Where are your headquarters?

    We are headquartered in a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota with various state chapters throughout the United States. You can reach us by mail at 515 West Travelers Trail, Burnsville, MN 55337; send us an email at info@teeitupforthetroops.org; or call us at 952-646-2490.

  • Is your charity rated?

    We are currently not rated by any of the known rating services such as Charity Navigator or The Better Business Bureau. However, our research indicates that, based on current operations, we would be rated very highly on financial accountability, Board of Director participation and ethics, operational accountability, and financial disclosures within any agency rating metrics.

  • How much of the funds you raise goes to support your causes?

    We have donated over $7,000,000 since our founding in 2005. In our first year we raised over $82,000. Over the past two years we have donated approximately $1,000,000 annually and our organizational overhead is less than 14% of our net proceeds which is an excellent metric by all rating services.

  • What happens to retained or unspent funds?

    Unspent funds are carried over and donated the following year. In some years we have carried over excess funds since many of our events are held in the second half of the year and the timing of funds received do not allow us to make timely contributions. Those funds are then donated as soon as possible the following year.

  • Are your tax returns or financial statements available for review?

    Our audited financial statements are available on our website under About Us, Our Financials. Our tax returns are also available on the website in the same location.

  • How do you determine which organizations receive donations?

    Since we are an event based-charitable organization, our individual events held across the United States will donate up to 50% of their net proceeds to organizations that support our military within or near their communities.  The remaining 50% is directed by our national Board of Directors who solicit requests, review applications and make decisions based upon the needs of our wounded warriors. A significant donation is made each year to two national partners: Fisher House and Warfighter Sports, a Division of Disabled Sports USA.

  • Who have been the most supported organizations by Tee it up for the Troops over the past few years?

    Fisher House
    Disabled Sports USA
    Hope for the Warriors
    Foundation-Freedom Station

  • Where can I find the next or closest event to me?

    On our website, click on Find A Event and choose a specific state. If no events are listed, please consider organizing an event and contact us with your ideas. Check back often as the calendar is updated as soon as events are confirmed.

  • How do I participate in an event?

    Whether it is a golf event or some other type of event, it will have its own local pricing structure for individual or group participation as well as sponsorship. If you have an event brochure or flyer, contact the particular event’s director or you can also contact the National Office (see Contact Us) for contact information.

  • What do I need to do to organize/host a local event?

    On our website you will see under Events the title Organize A Event. Please review this registration and contact the National Office with any questions you may have or for assistance throughout the process.

  • How can I keep up with what is happening with Tee it up for the Troops?
  • In addition to our national website, state chapter sites, and websites, we also have a monthly e-newsletter. Please sign up by Joining our Mailing List.


  • There is nothing more important than supporting the men and women serving in our military. Because of their sacrifices, we are able to enjoy the freedoms we have in this country. Too often, that is forgotten as we go about our daily lives. Tee it up for the Troops honors soldiers and their families by raising funds and awareness. Each of us owes a debt to those who have answered the call of duty. Joining forces with Tee it up for the Troops is one way to begin paying back that debt. I am proud to be a part of an organization whose mission is to care for those who care for us.–Randall McDaniel, Retired NFL Player for the Minnesota Vikings

  • Shortly after moving to Minnesota, I played in a foursome as my first experience with “Tee it up for the Troops” and was impressed by the camaraderie and conviction of this organization. Feedback from employees who had joined me that day was exceptional, especially that the “celebrity” golfer in our foursome was a warrior who’d survived on the battlefield and was now playing golf without all his limbs. We later learned that he’d been able to get to the college of his choice and is one of the national heroes for whom this organization stands. One of my foursome has since volunteered to serve on the TIUFTT board based on his first-hand experiences. We’ve sustained and grown our support over the years because the mission is common to our community and our customers, i.e., helping care for those who keep us free. Putting a ball on the tee is but a small gesture of support of those who put their life on the line while their family pays the bills.–Rick Udicious, Lockheed Martin

  • My first golf tournament went pretty well and my golfers were overwhelmed with the number of disabled veterans that played in my event. This is the right thing to do for all of the right reasons and I am dedicated to this organization because of what JB Ball started and continues today. I am a former Marine, one of the fortunate ones, and doing this is simply…..the right thing to do at this point in my life. Marines stay the way and that is what I intend to do.–Bill Gilkes, PGA West Central Chapter

  • Living or working in such a magnificent place like Mirasol makes it very easy for us to take for granted that there are men and women of the United States Armed Forces who make daily sacrifices in order to protect our freedom. It was an honor for the members at Mirasol to have the opportunity to show their support and pride for our troops and to support Tee it up for the Troops.–Matt Lambert, General Manager, The Country Club at Mirsol

  • Having come into this world at the beginning of World War II I cut my teeth on the at-home effects of war and the family sacrifices it demands. My earliest memories include all of us gathered around my grandfather’s console radio listening to the weekly war reports and collectively holding our breath at the mention of combat in regions we knew “our” men were in. My recollections include the deepest sense of unfettered patriotism and pride that our family, along with all the other families, was not just sacrificing at home by rationing and doing without, but literally offering the lives of our family’s men and the family’s future well-being to protect our nation and the freedoms it offers. We are blessed that those who support our tournament and the Tee it up for the Troops’ cause recognize that whatever challenges they may face, or sacrifices required, they pale in comparison to the price paid everyday by those who protect and fall for our freedom. It is for them that we must keep on working.–Dick Rutledge, President TIUFTT California Chapter

  • The Tee it up for the Troops initiative has offered a flexible, solutions based opportunity to anyone who shares the desire to enhance the lives of America’s Freedom Fighters. Be it volunteering personal resources or generating funds through special events, everyone who engages in the efforts of TIUFTT has the opportunity to say “Thank You” to our soldiers; the men and women of the United States Armed Forces. CMAA and the Club Foundation have never experienced an organization with a better record of “delivering the mission”. TIUFTT has got it figured out. You are truly a beacon in the darkest of night!–Jim Singerling, CEO, CMAA